Get a loan refinancing loan – despite unfavorable Credit Score or bad credit. Refinancing a loan with Good Finance eliminates the administrative burden.

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Credit agreement (rescheduling, early termination)


So basically there are many different types of credit. the annuity loan is probably the most common type of credit in connection with the purchase of the real estate. the different terms and conditions of the loan must be negotiated with the bank on a case-by-case basis. It emphasizes the trade because with a little negotiating sovereignty you can get something out of the credit terms.

However, if you have not spoken to a bank yet, then the question is probably whether you will even receive a loan. this will then be comprehensively reviewed, your securities will be reviewed and only then will you be able to discuss the conclusion of the contract and its formulation. The terms of the loan are very often dependent on what the loan is for.

The GFI promotional bank is practically the expert for ecological financing – but there are also other disciplines, such as specially established for vehicle financing credit institutions (mostly subsidiaries of the automotive companies, ie, for example, the automotive industry).

Good Finance

Good Finance

There you should only be smart. Or “easy” is probably the right keyword here – that’s actually quite complicated, and I would advise you to get an independent consultation from someone who knows something like that in which you may have a financial person in your area?