Loans for home furnishings are the best solution if you need to furnish your home and want to dilute the economic commitment over time. Certainly, the choice of the right furniture loan, which is usually granted at fixed rates and installments over time, is important.

The movable assets that you can buy with loans to furnish a house are practically all those you need to be able to furnish or redecorate your home.

For example, if you need a new living room, you can safely go to the shop and choose the one you like best. The same goes for the bedroom, the kitchen and any other room in the house you need to make it more beautiful and comfortable.

The various types of furniture loans

The various types of furniture loans

Usually, you can see two different types of loans for furniture. The first falls into the category of finalized loans, while the second falls into the category of non-finalized loans.

The difference in economic terms may not be much, but it changes considerably from the point of view of how to apply for funding.

In the case of loans aimed, in fact, the request must be made directly at the shop that sells the furniture to be purchased.

Let’s imagine we want to buy a new kitchen, go to the store and see it, all you have to do is ask the shopkeeper to want to buy that kitchen in installments. The shopkeeper will make you sit down and will take care of completing the application in front of you. After completing it and having it signed, it forwards it by fax to the financial company with which it is associated and, usually within a short time, the financial company’s response is received.

If the loan application has been accepted, you can immediately take the kitchen home with you and start repaying the loan obtained. In this case, the finance company pays the seller directly and will open a credit relationship with you.

Non-finalized loans are slightly different, although equally beneficial. In this case, you are in the first person who has to go to the office of a finance company or turn to the internet to look for prestige online, in order to find the best financial solution possible.

The best thing, to be able to calmly evaluate the various proposals, is to get loan quotes, among which then choose the one that suits you best.

Furniture loans, better finalized or not finalized?

Furniture loans, better finalized or not finalized?

There is no clear answer to this question, as it depends on the conditions of the loan.

The advantage of requesting non-finalized loans is that of being able to personally choose the finance company or bank with which to start the debt relationship.

In fact, in the case of loans aimed at, the shop where you go to buy your furniture, in fact, will usually have the agreement with only one financial, therefore you have no choice. On the other hand, keep in mind that finance companies and stores often offer zero-rate loans, which means a great advantage and significant savings in interest rates.

How to repay a loan to furnish your home

Repayment of home furnishings loans takes place in exactly the same way as personal loans or online loans, that is, by paying monthly installments of a fixed amount, for a certain period of time.

Depending on the financial with which you apply for the loan, the maximum extension can have a duration rather than another. Usually, it does not go beyond 84 or 120 months.

Each installment is fixed, in the sense that the amount to be paid remains the same, also thanks to the fact that these furniture loans are granted at a fixed rate, i.e. a rate established at the beginning of the credit relationship and that is no longer changed, not even if the reference rates were to rise.

The repayment methods you can choose from are usually direct debit from your bank account or postal order. The first method has the advantage of being fast and cheaper (since you don’t have to pay the cost of the bulletin), but on the other hand, it necessarily requires a checking account.

Loans for home furnishings, who can apply for them?

Loans for home furnishings, who can apply for them?

You can apply for home furnishings loans if you are an employee or self-employed, as well as a pensioner. The main thing is to be able to demonstrate that you have a certain monthly income with which you can afford the repayment of the loan.

It is important to be sure that you can afford the monthly payment, otherwise, you run the risk of being registered in the register of bad payers, with all that follows.

Other key features to have in order to apply for furniture loans are:

  • be between 18 and 75 years old
  • be resident in Italy

What documents should I deliver?

Usually, the documents required to apply for furniture loans are as follows:

  • copy of identity card or passport
  • copy of the tax code
  • copy of the last paycheck (if you are an employee), copy of the single model (if you are self-employed) or pension slip (if you are a pensioner).

Usually, no other documents are requested, but this may be different depending on your personal situation and the financial company with which you apply for funding.